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Parenting in a house share (ESRC IAA)

Contract research for Commonweal Housing explored different types of shared housing available for non-resident parents and investigated their experiences of parenting their children whilst living in shared housing. This ESRC Impact Acceleration Account project will significantly increase the wider impact of this research, and will focus on the experience of fathers.

Non-resident parents are parents who live apart from their children – following separation from their partner – but still provide some of their children’s care. Due to their financial situation, many non-resident parents are only able to afford to rent a room in a shared house, which has implications for parenting their children.

This impact project will focus specifically on non-resident fathers because the majority of the non-resident parents interviewed were men.  Engagement and knowledge exchange activities, including a round table discussion event, will be carried out with policy-makers, academics and practitioners, with the aim of creating two-way conversations around the following topics:

  1. The structural factors that hinder non-resident father’s ability to parent in shared housing (practical, financial, political).
  2. The interaction between these structural barriers and fathers’ use of agency to manage their individual situation – how different fathers manage the situation in different ways and why.
  3. The parenting values held by non-resident fathers, and how these influence their decision making following separation. How the parenting values of these non-resident fathers fit with existing academic work on fatherhood.
  4. Implications of the research for policy-makers and practitioners in housing, benefits and family law.

To read the research report for Commonweal Housing, visit the project page.


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Project Start Date

August 2018