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The citizen in regulation

This project for the Local Better Regulation Office is essentially a review of the existing policy, practice and academic literature relating to the citizen in regulation, encompassing citizen involvement and participation, co-regulation and co-production. The intention is to highlight potentially fruitful areas for further exploration by the LBRO.

The project specification requires that the contractor examines ‘the current evidence base in relation to the theory and practice of citizen involvement in co-delivery of services, including regulatory services in particular’ in order to gain ‘insight into the characteristics of services areas in which it would seem citizen involvement in outcome delivery might be increased.’ The task therefore is to:

  1. review the academic, policy and practice oriented literature around the co-production of public services , and co-regulation in particular, for instances of citizen involvement;
  2. assess the impact of instances of citizen involvement, in particular as may apply to co-regulation, identify the factors that both enable and inhibit such involvement, and thus the areas where successful involvement may be expected to be attained;
  3. identify where further research is required, in particular to answer the latter question. This project is thus desk-based, essentially an evaluation of the evidence base drawing on the existing literature and reports.

The Citizen in Regulation, Final Report

This chapter reviewed the existing literature on the perceived benefits of citizen participation in public services and explored where evidence indicates that citizen involvement may be applied in the context of local regulation to improve regulatory outcomes.

The Citizen in Regulation, Final Report - Read More…

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Local Better Regulation Office

Project Start Date

27th January 2011