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Publications and Presentations

Complete list of publications and presentations, with the most recent at the top.
Encouraging inter-regulator data sharing: the perceptions of regulators
The report explores attitudes towards data sharing of 63 regulators in 30 organisations. The findings indicate the extent to which regulators share data is influenced by several complex factors including the difficulty of balancing privacy with freedom of information.
Cross tenure rents and affordability 2008/09 update
This paper looks at the regional pattern of rents over the period 2002/03 to 2008/09 in the local authority, housing association, private rented and owner occupier sectors.
Evaluation of the FirstStop information and advice initiative for older people: findings 2011/2012
A comprehensive information and advice service enabling older people to better plan ahead for their future housing and care needs is a key requirement if Britain is to cope successfully with its ageing society. The evaluation of FirstStop shows how it is helping older people to make difficult decisions about their housing and care.
Guide to Local Rents 2010
Project publications from 2010.
Housing Associations and the Movement to Target Rents 2008 to 2009
Each year the TSA published data in the form of a Rents Factfile, a paper that compares actual net rents to target rents as at 31 March of two consecutive years. The Factfile was produced on behalf of the TSA by Dataspring. This most recent paper examines the extent to which actual rents moved towards target rents in 2008 and 2009 and describes the annual change in gross rents for the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009.
Comparison of stock, rents and service charges among different types of social landlords - Baseline study: 2007/08
This paper draws comparisons of stock, rents and service charges between four different types of social landlord; Traditional mixed funded Registered Social LandLords (RSLs); RSLs who have taken over local authority stock via Large Scale Voluntary Transfer; Local authorities (retention LAs); and Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO).
Rents and rates of return in the housing association and private sectors 1998/99 to 2007/08
The report examines rental rates of return in the housing association sector as compared to those observed in the private rented sector between 1998/99 and 2007/08 at national as well as at lower geographical levels.
Evolution of rent caps
This paper updates and builds on previous analyses to show how rent caps have affected rent determination and assess the extent to which the introduction of a larger number of property size bands and higher rent caps has reduced the incidence of rent caps.
Continuous recording of lettings (CORE): weighting and imputation methodology
This report details the findings of research commissioned by Communities and Local Government. It recommends a method of adjusting for missing local authority data within the Continuous Recording of Lettings (LA CORE) system. This method was implemented on the 2007/08 dataset and some summary figures have already been published.
Guide to Local Rents 2009
Project publications from 2009.
Property size and rent caps
This paper shows how rent caps have affected rent determination since the rent restructuring regime was introduced and assesses the extent to which the introduction of a larger number of property size bands and higher rent caps has reduced the incidence of rent caps.
Guide to Local Rents 2008
Project publications from 2008.
Profile of the HA Sector 2007
Project publications from 2007.
Stock Managed Pending Transfer into Ownership: Sector Study 31
This report uses Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) data for 2002 to provide some base data on the number of Housing Associations and units involved in this type of stock management. It breaks data down between types and sizes of HA to examine which HAs are most involved in this type of stock management.
Guide to Local Rents 2003
Project publications from 2003.
Guide to Local Rents 2002
Project publications from 2002.
Guide to Local Rents 2001
Project publications from 2001.

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Ask the Expert: Professor Michael Oxley speaks at the Social Market Foundation

Apr 25, 2017

Mike Oxley, Director of CCHPR, delivered a lunchtime seminar at the Social Market Foundation in March 2017. Professor Oxley discussed the changing role of the private rented housing sector in the UK and the corresponding implications for policy.

New research shows numbers of first time buyers relying on 'bank of mum and dad’ hits historic high

Mar 28, 2017

Our new research on behalf of the Social Mobility Commission has been published this week showing that the number of first time buyers relying on the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' has hit a historic high. Drawing on Governmental and housing market data, Chihiro Udagawa and colleagues have analysed the recent pattern of parental help for first-time buyers. The research also includes trends and projections of such parental help.

Social landlords are stepping in to tackle youth poverty - study finds

Mar 14, 2017

Initiatives run by social housing providers to help young people aged 16-25 increase their independence and employment prospects are helping to reduce youth poverty, says our new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

UK Housing Review 2017 published

Mar 01, 2017

CCHPR Departmental Fellow, Peter Williams has co-authored the latest UK Housing Review, published by the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Research into student housing in Cambridge published

Jan 30, 2017

New research into the housing needs of students in Cambridge has been published this week. Cambridge City Council commissioned the study to help to inform planning policy regarding student accommodation and its impact upon housing need, in relation to the emerging Local Plan.

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