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Housing Need and Demographics

Assessment of Student Housing Demand and Supply for Cambridge City Council and Oxford City Council
Cambridge City Council and Oxford City Council commissioned this study to inform planning policy with regard to the provision of student accommodation, and its impact upon housing need, within the two cities.
Research into the impact of family support on access to homeownership for young people in the UK
The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) commissioned CCHPR to undertake research that focuses on the relationship between parental background and young people’s access to homeownership. This research forms part of SMC’s role as an advocate for social mobility in the UK, and will inform the 2016 State of the Nation report to Parliament.
Housing Need and Demographics
Using household income data at micro-level to aid social housing providers’ decisions on affordable rents levels, ‘pay-to-stay’ and other market-based policies
This project aimed to increase the usage of our recent research to develop an optimal method to estimate household income distributions at the very local level.
Refining the recent release of the ONS ‘Travel-To-Work Areas’ for housing planning purposes
This project objective was to refine the ONS Travel-To-Work Areas for Cambridge to make them more appropriate for housing planning purposes.
Multi generational living: potential opportunities for the house building sector?
The aim of this research is to analyse the scale and nature of multi generational living in England and to explore the opportunities this presents to the house building sector.
Estimated net income distribution of working households by household type and locality
This project estimated working households’ net income distributions at local authority level. 'Net income' was defined as income excluding income-related benefits – most notably, Housing Benefit.
Identifying housing need in the horseracing industry
In order to inform its investment plans and future housing strategy Racing Homes wanted to ascertain the level of housing need currently experienced within the horse racing industry and, in particular, where they have existing housing stock. The aim of this research was to establish the degree and nature of current unmet need for affordable housing among racing staff and to make recommendations as to how that need may best be met.
Housing need and demand in Wales
The objective of this project was to use new data to revise and update the modelling of need and demand undertaken by CCHPR for the Welsh Government in 2010. The key research question is what is the housing ‘need’ in Wales and how is it expected to evolve in the coming years.
Understanding recent changes in household formation rates and their implications for planning for housing
This project will assist those producing local plans to understand what has happened recently and, in the light of that, make an informed judgement about the assumptions they should make for their plan period.
Housing in transition: Understanding the dynamics of tenure change
This short project explores patterns of tenure by household type, income group and region in England using data from the Survey of English Housing and English Housing Survey and then develops a forecast of how tenure trends might develop over the period to 2025. It builds on existing work undertaken by Oxford Economics for the National Housing Federation.
Mapping the number of extra housing units needed for young people
Centrepoint, the youth homeless charity, commissioned CCHPR to carry out some work looking at the requirement for emergency homeless accommodation, supporting housing units, social housing and private rented housing with the use of Housing Benefit across England with a specific focus on the requirements for those aged 16-25.
Providing the evidence base for housing needs assessments
This short project for Shelter seeks to explore the appetite of both representatives from the housing supply sector and local planning authorities for additional guidance in the current policy context. In particular PPS3 still requires an evidence base for affordable housing targets yet overall housing targets have been abolished along with the regional bodies. The work comprises telephone interviews with the major stakeholders, an email survey of local planning authorities and a round table discussion on how to take the work forward. The outputs will be a short report plus worked up costs of the different options proposed at the round table.
Under-utilisation of the housing stock: Eight local case studies
Shelter commissioned CCHPR to undertake eight local authority case studies into under-utilisation of the existing housing stock. The research looked at empty properties, second homes and under-occupation.
Under-occupation in North Hertfordshire
CCHPR were commissioned to carry out a study of under-occupation amongst social housing tenants in North Herts. The study included a survey of tenants as well as analysis of other data sources.
Housing transformation in Jersey
This consultancy project was carried out for the States of Jersey to provide support for the proposed Housing Transformation Programme.
Analysis of available data on affordable housing investment
Using existing data sources, the purpose of this project was to provide a strong evidence base to show what the current provision of affordable housing built over the last 20 years looks like in terms of location, type of housing and size, and whether it is significantly different compared with past provision. The aim was to demonstrate what has been achieved in terms of investment in affordable housing, and to link this with tenant satisfaction.
Developing a local development framework affordable housing evidence base
The purpose of the project is to produce a short, usable guide for local authority officers in the South East to help them develop a robust affordable housing evidence base to inform their Local Development Frameworks. The affordable housing guide will sit within the South East England Partnership Board’s current LDF delivery suite.
An assessment of current and future housing seeds and demands in Wales
The Welsh Assembly Government commissioned this ‘top down’ assessment of the future demand and need for additional housing together with current unmet need for affordable housing.
Under-occupation project in the East of England
The NHF East of England has commissioned this work as part of a wider project to quantify the potential to meet housing need in the region and to provide landlords and other partners with tools to address the issue. The strategic aim of this work is to quantify the potential from tackling under-occupation in social housing. The study will collect data from social landlords in the region and carry out analysis to draw out key information.
Updated estimates of future housing demand and need in the West Midlands, incorporating revised household projections
The West Midlands Regional Assembly commissioned CCHPR to update estimates of need for affordable housing in the West Midlands from 2006 to 2026. The updates to the estimates, originally done by CCHPR in 2007, will take account of the revised household projections, and comment on the implications of the housing market downturn for the region's housing strategy.
Assessment of future Regional requirements for affordable housing in the East of England
The aim of this project was to contribute to the evidence base to inform a review of the Regional Spatial Strategy (the East of England Plan 2008) and the second round of Regional Funding Advice.
Housing need in England: A new analysis
This estimates current need for social rented housing in 2006, and the needs for social rented and intermediate housing in 2006-26. It is being produced for Shelter as part of the Shelter Housing Investment Project series. It makes extensive use of official household projections, at regional as well as national level. It also provides new estimates of the backlog of current un-met need at national and regional level.
Future prospects for housing wealth and inheritance
This work was carried out for the Council of Mortgage Lenders to study who owes owner-occupied housing wealth, and the implications for bequest and inheritance of housing wealth.
Impact of worsening affordability on the demand for social housing
Literature review of the impact of worsening market housing affordability on the demand for affordable housing, private renting, new household formation, and regional variations in these impacts.
Official projections of future numbers of households in England and their implications for housing
This project analysed and commented on official estimates (projections) of the number of households in future years, the types of household, and the ages of household heads.
West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy revisions – Re-run of the affordable housing figures
CCHPR carried out a series of re-runs of the affordable housing calculations for the West Midlands Regional Assembly to support its work as Regional Housing and Planning Body.
The use of the existing housing stock in the South East
This report was commissioned by the South East England Regional Assembly. It analyses the ways in which the existing housing stock is used presently and how this might change over the next twenty years.
More households to be housed – where is the increase in households coming from?
This project updated analysis of the Government's 2006 household projections; examining the elements making up the growth; the robustness of the projections; and their implications for housing requirements.
An approach to affordable housing to inform the East Midlands Regional Plan
This project reviewed alternative methodologies for determining the proportion of new dwellings that should be affordable in order to select a preferred approach for the East Midlands. Once this was agreed, the project produced affordable housing targets for the region and for the sub-regional housing markets separately.

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Social landlords are stepping in to tackle youth poverty - study finds

Mar 14, 2017

Initiatives run by social housing providers to help young people aged 16-25 increase their independence and employment prospects are helping to reduce youth poverty, says our new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Research into student housing in Cambridge published

Jan 30, 2017

New research into the housing needs of students in Cambridge has been published this week. Cambridge City Council commissioned the study to help to inform planning policy regarding student accommodation and its impact upon housing need, in relation to the emerging Local Plan.

New research into housing needs of non-resident parents, seeks participants!

Jan 19, 2017

Commonweal Housing has funded the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research to research the housing needs and views of non-resident parents who live, or have considered living, in shared housing.

We're recruiting! Looking for a new Research Assistant to join our team

Jan 05, 2017

We're currently looking for a new Research Assistant to join our team working on a range of projects in the field of ousing and planning. Salary £25,298-£29,301.

Festival of Ideas event - The potential for Time Credits to generate public health outcomes

Nov 07, 2016

‘Time Currencies in Cambridgeshire: Exchanging Time, Connecting Communities’ was held at the Festival of Ideas and attracted an audience of over 60 people who were keen to learn more about Time Credit and Timebank initiatives across Cambridgeshire.

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