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Current Projects

A complete list of CCHPR's currently active projects in date order
Landlord portfolio management - past and future
This research explores how landlords manage their portfolios and make decisions over buying and selling stock. It was commissioned by Shelter in order to explore how landlords manage their businesses, how this might affect tenants and how this might change in the future.
Shared housing for non-resident parents
Commonweal Housing has funded the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research to research the housing needs and views of non-resident parents who live, or have considered living, in shared housing.
Assessment of Student Housing Demand and Supply for Cambridge City Council and Oxford City Council
Cambridge City Council and Oxford City Council commissioned this study to inform planning policy with regard to the provision of student accommodation, and its impact upon housing need, within the two cities.
Shared Ownership Plus: a review of progress and potential
Thames Valley has commissioned a review Shared Ownership Plus scheme, a shared ownership scheme which offers greater flexibility in terms of staircasing (buying further shares) for shared owners.
Provision of expert advice on UK Housing Statistics
CCHPR is providing expert advice to the Regulatory Arm of the UK Statistics Authority in its review of Housing Statistics.
Research into the impact of family support on access to homeownership for young people in the UK
The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) commissioned CCHPR to undertake research that focuses on the relationship between parental background and young people’s access to homeownership. This research forms part of SMC’s role as an advocate for social mobility in the UK, and will inform the 2016 State of the Nation report to Parliament.
Data Analysis for Second Evaluation of Private Rented Sector Licensing Scheme within Newham
This project assesses the impact of the compulsory landlord Licencing Scheme which has been operating in Newham since 2013. Drawing on the four-wave panel data of a tenants’ survey, configured by Newham Council the data allows analysis on a range of spheres of tenants’ welfare, local environments and property management, addressing statistical bias and allowing consideration of the sustainability of any impacts over a longer term.
Government Policy and the Profile of Housing Provision in England
CCHPR were commissioned by Places for People to explore the impact on government policy on the profile of housing provision in England. It will consider the impact of the Housing and Planning Bill and other reforms to welfare, housing and planning policy on the social and affordable housing sector in England.
A better quality PRS: the role of SME investment
This project commissioned by Lloyds Bank Group explores the role of SME investment in the private rented sector. It aims to raise the profile of this part of the PRS, add to the understanding of its impact and inform policy discussion.
Poverty, evictions and forced moves
This project has been awarded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and supported by Shelter, in order to understand the causes of landlord evictions and of forced moves, where tenants feel compelled to move home for reasons such as affordability, security or to move away from particular locations.
Downsizing and moving in later life - new build housing or existing stock?
This research explores why older households move in later life and why they choose either new build housing or existing stock. It considers what the house building sector can learn from their experience.
Multi generational living: potential opportunities for the house building sector?
The aim of this research is to analyse the scale and nature of multi generational living in England and to explore the opportunities this presents to the house building sector.
Evaluating the Public Health Outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits Project
This research analyses the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits Project in Wisbech. It is a collaboration between the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) and the Cambridge Institute for Public Health (CIPH) .
The role of housing and housing providers in tackling poverty experienced by young people in the UK
CCHPR was awarded funding for this work from the ESRC as part of their What Works in Tackling Poverty programme. The ESRC funded four new research projects that aimed to advance understanding of effective strategies for tackling poverty. This project explored the role of housing and housing providers in tackling poverty experienced by young people in the UK.